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This was absolutely GREAT and very instructional and easy to understand. The steps were well written and if any problem was ran into help even face to face through my front camera was provided immediately! Thanks !

Invalid Date

I have downloaded, deleted, and redownloaded this app; but everytime I select Track my refund, I am given "invalid date to invalid date."

Rip Off

this app is a rip off, I got charged $30 and still had to file by mail no good!!!!


Cant get prior returns unless you upgrade. Unable to upgrade from app

Simple and straight forward

Using this app was easy and clear cut.

Taxes for dummies! Its pretty awesome

Ive used this app for a few years now, never had a problem. I will be using it again next year. Simple easy to use.

Functions well, interface is clunky

As far as basic functionality I have no complaints. Ive used TurboTax for three or so years consecutively and have consistently felt it does well at its intended purpose. My only complaint is the recent interface update. The complete lack of buttons (i.e. "Next", "Continue", etc) in favor of screen-based "swipe to continue" is flat out terrible. The swipes dont work at least half the time, and one must scroll to the bottom of each screen prior to swiping. This makes going back and checking your work slow and painful.

Great interface, restore button needed

A restore to previous saved version would be helpful. Tacked on 39.99 service when was deliberately removed. All in all great service a

EZ and Convenient

EZ and Convenient

Inuit youre so lame...Unreliable POS

Instead of focusing on fixing issues before tax day, you focus on weekly updates AFTER tax day on other things to trump up money for your company. Congrats! Rental section shows 2015 entry under 2014. Inuit acted stupid and unaware. Then in IRA section...States that you qualify for IRA on one screen then say youre not on another. Inuit must have lobbied and paid someone at the IRS off.

Good on tax stuff, bad navigation

The tax info was good & well organized, but navigation/app performance was not. Swiping wasnt very responsive & I had to keep restarting. I have a very simple return and am considering using something else next year.


I love how easy and fast the process is. I like how they explain anything Im having trouble understanding. Its my second time doing my tax return and last year with H&R block I paid over 100$ and I didnt get back much so it was a loss. Thanks Turbo tax

Exactly as I Hoped

I waited until April 17th to do my taxes and started at 10pm. The app took me through everything, filed electronically, and cost about the same as my accountant last year. Really impressed.

Going down hill

This year I noticed a drastic drop in the quality of this product. Heres the issues I ran into: 1. The app is glitchy, the scrolling process doesnt work. It often took 4 or 5 swipes to move pages. 2. The chat feature doesnt work. 3. The call in support left me with over an hour wait before I gave up. 4. The import feature from my stock accounts failed to work properly. When I got to the end of my return it says there are errors and gives no help in figuring out how to correct them. 5. There is no way to change your email address. All in all it was a struggle from beginning to end. Turbo tax, I expect better from you. After 6 years, I will be trying a new product next year.

Convenience fee......

I had to pay taxes and to boot they now charge a convenience fee. What bull! Not recommending to anyone.

So easy

Great app

Really Fast

I dont have complicated Taxes. This was a total breeze. I have confidence that if I had a slightly more complicated taxes I could still do it on this app. Fast and clear.


Used this for 6 years. Always good till now. Issue with paying for audit defense. Said it didnt work. So kept trying with 4 different credit cards. It did take money from all cards even though it said try again. Now you also have to pay for one state. Would not allow me to efile state. Had to mail on last day. NO MORE!

Convenient and easy, but upsell is relentless

Been using TurboTax for years, but this is my first time using just the app. Filling and filing taxes is very easy and intuitive if your taxes are easy (just W-2s and other minor things), but I got frustrated with the app trying to upsell me to buy more features that I didnt need. It felt like it was every other screen. It wont prevent me from using the TurboTax app again next year, but it was annoying. I would recommend if you have very simple taxes or know exactly what you need. If my taxes were more complicated I would definitely be going in to work with someone in person.

Worked great for me!

I dont know why this has so many bad reviews I thought the app is awesome and everything worked out really well for me

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